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LifestageCare is an information service providing access to resources, expert advice, information, costs of care and support (the “Content”). Assistance Services Group, a SYKES® company (“SYKES®”) owns and operates the LifestageCare website at: www.lifestagecare.ca (this “Website”).

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4. SYKES® does not endorse or recommend any product, good, service or facility on this Website or included in the services provided herein. The inclusion of any product, good, service, or facility shown or listed by LifestageCare does not represent or imply, directly or indirectly, any endorsement by LifestageCare or SYKES®. Accordingly, any User who purchases or uses any such product, good, service, or facility, does so at their own risk and is solely responsible for the consequences of such purchase or use. A User is solely responsible for making their own assessment or evaluation of any product, good, service, or facility.

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6. The User acknowledges that SYKES® does not and cannot provide any warranty or representation with respect to the adequacy of any product, good, service, or facility listed or contained on this Website for a User's particular needs nor can SYKES® be responsible if any product, good, service, or facility is not available to any User, or does not meet the needs of any User.

7. LifestageCare is an information service only. LifestageCare is not a substitute or replacement for medical, psychological, or other professional counselling or treatment. The User must not rely on the Content or other information on this Website as an alternative to medical advice or other professional advice and should consult a professional healthcare provider with regard to any specific questions about any medical matter. Medical assistance should be sought without delay for any medical question or issue that requires immediate medical attention. The User should never delay seeking medical advice, disregarding medical advice, or discontinuing medical treatment as a result of the Content or other information obtained through LifestageCare.

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14. These Terms and Conditions can be changed or modified at any time or from time to time. Notification that changes have been made to the Terms and Conditions will be immediately posted. It is the User’s responsibility to ensure that the User is up-to-date regarding the content of these Terms and Conditions. Any such change or modification shall be effective immediately.